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 Welcome to Maryland Septic Inc’s Website. Family owned and operated we have been in the septic business since 1967. Our company provides a number of services to help you with your residential septic needs. Liscensed and Bonded, we serve a number of counties in the Maryland Area including Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Calvert, Talbot, Hartford, Queen Anne’s, Baltimore, Montgomery, and Howard Counties.  
 Dont Let This Happen To You!

       Many people have a tendency to put off thinking about their septic system until a problem arises. Did you know you can actually keep your septic costs down and reduce the amount of septic problems your system has by regularly maintaining and cleaning your system? Through our many years in the septic business we have seen countless customers who are blindsided by the costs to repair or install a septic system and are left to now figure out how to cover these costs that were not planned into their budgets. We have noticed that the customers whose systems last longer, experience less problems, and require less monetary input are those who are proactive in regularly pumping  and cleaning their system. Just like changing the oil in your car, regularly pumping and cleaning your septic system keeps it healthy and strong. Some people, because they don’t regularly see and deal with the septic system may not pump for 5 - 6 years or longer. You wouldn’t let your car sit without an oil change for 5 or 6 years. And if you did, your car would be doomed to fail. When you don’t pump your system for that long you are setting yourself up for much bigger and more expensive problems to fix. When your septic system fails it devastates your wallet and your yard. The average cost of a new septic system in Anne Arundel County can range anywhere from $6,000 to $25,000, which can be an expense that not everyone is prepared for. Not to mention when your septic fails the effort to provide you with a new system can kill the plants, trees, and flowers you have had in your yard for many, many years.

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               Please feel free to contact your local health department to find out more. Anne Arundel Co. Health Department : 410-222-7193

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